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Mainstreet Mob

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Our Story

Our Mission / We support America's small business entrepreneurs,  break down barriers to educate future entrepreneurs, and mobilize citizens everywhere to champion them

Mainstreet Mob is part of is part of a social venture that promotes small business entrepreneurship as a means to combat unemployment and boost economic impact in cities. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of America's economy. Our mission is to help revitalize American cities by supporting small business entrepreneurs, breaking down barriers to educate future entrepreneurs, and mobilizing citizens everywhere to champion them.

Our Community

We’ve found that in large urban cities like our Detroit hometown, there is an inability for citizens to recognize, support and engage with small business entrepreneurs easily.


We've created a community at Mainstreet Mob that tackles that issue head on. Through Mainstreet Mob we hope to mobilize the general public by creating an ecosystem of recognizing, connecting with, and supporting America’s small business entrepreneurs.


Members attend live Mainstreet Mob events that encourage shopping with independent retailers and restaurants and earn perks like discounts and prizes, simply by attending and spending with the small businesses they already love.

Our Services

Through Mainstreet Mob and Mainstreet Hype we're changing the way that small businesses connect to their customers online and off.

We offer affordable marketing support, pop up space rental, PR services, and other support services to small businesses.


We encourage business owners to unload the work of maintaining their online presence, marketing, and PR, freeing up valuable time to focus on what they're already good at-running their business.

Our Content

Our inspired content at I Am Mainstreet America includes the core storytelling of our service: we highlight with video, photography, illustration and written word, the stories of America’s most promising small business entrepreneurs.


These are the trendsetting owners of brick and mortar retail stores, hip restaurants, and other physical spaces that make American cities walkable and vibrant.

Our Platforms & Services